Learn Spanish in Esteli, Nicaragua!

Welcome dear Spanish students!

Spanish School Nicaragua is located in Esteli. It is a small Spanish school specialised in teaching Spanish as a second language.We have taught Spanish for over 17 years.  All teachers are qualified and trained to teach Spanish with passion. Our school runs Spanish courses troughtout  the year.

Our Spanish courses are focused on learn Spanish in real life situations, where the main priority is effective communication.

At Spanish School Nicaragua, we believe that each student is unique, and they need to learn at their own pace. When a student fail learning Spanish, they always blame themselves, but we believe that you have just not found the right teacher. You can find many Spanish schools in Nicaragua and of course in Esteli, but we guarantee that you will learn Spanish in an active way, because our goal is simple: Teaching Spanish in real life situations.


​"It was awesome learning Spanish from you. I am pretty excited at how much I learned in five days. It makes me really want to continue classes when I get home"                                                                                                                                      Joe, Arizona, US

​"I can say with absolute sincerity that of the six or seven Spanish instructors I have, Rafael was the best. That I can now speak with confidence I owe to him"                                                                                                                                          William S, US

​"Spanish School Nicaragua provides Spanish lessons and cultural activities for individuals or groups for one hour or for week. Rafael was my teacher. He was dynamic and personalized my classes to fit my level, need and interests. I couldn't happier with my choice"                                                      Jennifer P, New York, US

Spanish classes via Skype U$6 per hour


learn spanish in nicaragua

How to learn Spanish fast?

Here you have some advices to learn Spanish fast:

1. Take Spanish classes with a qualified and native Spanish teacher one on one. If you want to learn never study in groups.

2. Don't waste your time and money learning with a passive methodology. Discuss your doubts and questions with your teacher.

3. Do not talk in English while you are learning Spanish.

4. Live with a Nicaraguan host family.

5. Read the newspaper in Spanish and try to understand the news.

6. Underline all the unknown words or phrases. Later ask to your Spanish teacher.

7.Read your favorite book in Spanish.

8. Ask yourself the following questions:  Why do I want to learn Spanish? For my resume?  What level of Spanish would I like to have?

      We offer you:

  • Active methodology.
  • One on one instruction.
  • Online Spanish via Skype.
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Spanish immersion program
  • Homestay with a local family
  • Spanish courses for kids.
spanish language school nicaragua