​Learn Spanish in Esteli, Nicaragua!

Learn Spanish in Nicaragua and support our Dump project!

Learn Spanish in Nicaragua and support our Dump project in Esteli. Our Spanish language school is located in Esteli, the perfect place to study Spanish with our Spanish immersion program. Spanish school Nicaragua  is a small Spanish school specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign  language, while we support our Dump project. Every course includes comfortable accomodation  and fun activities in the afternoon. We have taught Spanish for over 17 years.  All teachers are certified  and trained to teach Spanish with passion. Our school runs Spanish courses throughout  the year. All levels and nationalities are welcome. Our Spanish courses are focused on communication and action: Conversational Spanish in real life situations, where the main priority is  effective communication. Many Spanish school give to their student a certificate at the and of a course. We can tell you that one person can speak Spanish when you can use the correct word or phrases in Spanish at the correct time. The certificate doesn't work when you need to talk with people on the street. We offer you Spanish courses in Nicaragua with homestay and without homestay. We recommend that you stay with a Nicaraguan host family, because you can immerse in a Spanish environment all the time.

At Spanish School Nicaragua, we believe that each student is unique, and they need to learn at their own pace, that's why our courses are designed to meet the individual needs of our Spanish students.We personalize our Spanish courses to your level and interests. When a student fail learning Spanish, they always blame themselves, but we believe that you have just not found the right Spanish teacher. You can find many Spanish schools in Nicaragua and of course in Esteli too, but we guarantee that you will learn Spanish with an active methodology, because our goal is simple: Teaching Spanish in real life situations. We invite you that enjoyed our Spanish tips and also we hope that this site is helpful for you.


​"It was awesome learning Spanish from you. I am pretty excited at how much I learned in five days. It makes me really want to continue classes when I get home"                                                                                                                                   Joe, Arizona, US

​"I can say with absolute sincerity that of the six or seven Spanish instructors I have, Rafael was the best. That I can now speak with confidence I owe to him"                                                                                                                                    William S, US

​"Spanish School Nicaragua provides Spanish lessons and cultural activities for individuals or groups for one hour or for week. Rafael was my teacher. He was dynamic and personalized my classes to fit my level, need and interests. I couldn't happier with my choice"                                                                               Jennifer P, New York,


  • 10% of our incomes goes to our Dump project. Study with us and support them.
  • You can start any of our Spanish courses anytime, because we operate year round.
  • To enroll with us you need fill out the registration form. We will send you a Spanish test, before you arrive, in order to know your Spanish level and prepare your class material accordingly to your level and needs. 
  • It is not required deposit or advanced payment.
  • You can pay after your first Spanish lesson.
  • Volunteer work after two weeks studying Spanish with us.​​​

Why you should study with us?

  • Spanish courses cheaper than Granada and other cities in Nicaragua.
  • Our experience comes from 17 years of Spanish teaching.
  • Qualified teachers and interactive teaching method with personalized attention.
  • All our host families have wifi internet access.
  • Learn Spanish and support  our dump project
Spanish School Nicaragua
Hotel Panorama #1 one block west and 25 meters to the north Esteli, Nicaragua
Phone: (505) 2714 1109

Spanish lessons


Immerse yourself in the Nicaraguan culture while you study Spanish with us.

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"Tell me and I'll forget;show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand"

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